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RockJam SingCube Bluetooth Karaoke Machine, rechargeable, 2 mics.


  • Bluetooth and Aux connections: Connect with your mobile devices in seconds via Bluetooth or the Auxiliary port to get your karaoke tunes or just general listening started in seconds
  • Light Show: A high powered lights show that moves in time with the music and can be turned on or off depending on your mood
  • Speakers: 2 5Watt speakers that are powerful enough to fill the space in and outside of the house
  • Power: The integrated rechargeable battery means that you can take the SingCube anywhere
  • Karaoke: The Singcube comes complete with a microphone meaning no need to buy any additions

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Small in size but big in lights and sound the RockJam Singcube Bluetooth Karaoke Machine is the perfect addition to any household, multi-purpose this is sure to become a family favourite in no time.

Daily Use – Serving as a Bluetooth speaker, the re-chargeable battery means that it can be moved around anywhere, in and outside of the house. It’s 2x5W speakers are sure to keep you within ear shot no matter on where you are. This is much more than just a Bluetooth Karaoke Machine.

Party Time – The night is when the SingCube really comes alive! Getting the party started is no problem with the SingCube, connect with your mobile device via Bluetooth or aux connections and the impressive light show that moves in time to the music will be filling a small to medium sized room with ease.

Karaoke Party – When the feeling takes us we all love a sing song. Connect with you mobile device via the Bluetooth or AUX connection, head over to one of the popular streaming sites, select your favourite number and place your device in the cradle provided, pick up the provided microphone and you can be belting out your top banger in seconds.

The RockJam SingCube Karaoke Machine is the perfect blend of size, power, fun and practicality. This Karaoke Machine houses 2 x 5watt speakers, has a built-in lightshow and comes with two microphones.

With its Bluetooth connectivity and Aux in you can stream your choice of music in seconds. For everyday use you can just leave out the mics and use as a Bluetooth speaker.

The included re-chargeable battery along with its lightweight portability means that this is perfect for use both inside and outside of the house.

For when the party mood takes you then plug in the mics, turn on the lights and get the party rocking.


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