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RockJam Go Bluetooth Karaoke Machine, rechargeable, 2 mics, Black


  • BLUETOOTH: Connect to any online streaming service like Amazon music to provide your with endless musical and karaoke options through your mobile or tablet device.
  • POWERFUL: Small in size but big in sound this 20watt speaker packs a punch.
  • COMPACT: Small enough for children to carry around this compact little unit is portable enough to be moved round the house, or someone else’s meaning you bring the party with you! 
  • 2 MICROPHONES: Packaged with two mic’s means you don’t have to contend with arguments over who gets to use it next and is great for harmonies. 
  • UNIVERSAL: With numerous methods of inputs this little unit can be anything from a Bluetooth speaker to a guitar amp depending on your need.

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The RockJam Go is a compact 20 watt, rechargeable and light up Bluetooth speaker that packs a serious punch. Coming with two microphones the RockJam Go works equally as well as a speaker as it does as a karaoke machine. Filling a room with both sound and lights and portable enough to carry wherever you go the speaker includes a 4 inch woofer, 1.5 inch tweet and bass port to bring your party to life. The light show is made up Red, Blue and Blue led’s that works in time with your music lighting up ceiling and walls in any environment. Connect via aux or Bluetooth this is the perfect companion for any tablet or mobile device providing you with endless karaoke options provided by high profile music streaming services, like Amazon Music. With 2*6.35mm mic, 3.55mm aux and even a 6.35mm inputs this little unit is compatible with a number of peripherals and can even be used as a electric guitar amp!

The RockJam Go is the perfect portable party starter. The in-built rechargeable battery means that your performances are no longer limited by wires and with bluetooth technology your choice of music is limitless.

More than just your run of the mill Karaoke Machine the RockJam Go includes two microphones with independent volume and echo control making the RockJam Go perfect for duets and a switchable party light means you can create a real party atmosphere.

The RockJam Go has been designed to appeal to be a household pleaser. Offering multiple inputs and functions the RockJam Go has changed the way you think about a Karaoke Machine from party product to everyday essential.


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